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Welcome!  Our goal is to remove the financial weight from your shoulders by empowering business owners to make more, spend less, and gain financial confidence.  

Michelle Edwards, CPA

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Our POWERFUL PROFIT PROGRAM is designed to empower entrepreneurs to grow their income, improve business cash flow, strengthen profits, and build financial confidence!

Imagine enjoying the comfort knowing your bills are paid, payroll is funded, your business is debt free, and best of all you have money left over to invest in your future!   

Budget Boss was started to help entrepreneurs become unstoppable in achieving financial freedom! 

The beauty is that it doesn’t matter how much you make or your past financial mistakes.  The journey is all about moving forward, learning how to manage what you have, and believing in yourself!

Repeat after me, “I can create as much abundance as I want, starting now.”

Financial well-being is your new reality.

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